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Ocean's Eleven!

Title: trading in your own name
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Author: Gale
Rating: R
Pairing: Rusty/Linus
Summary: And the most important thing to remember is, don’t ever—

Ocean's Eleven is one of the slashiest movies ever, but for some reason the fandom never took off. Sometimes that happens to movie fandoms, but the news of the sequel stirred new life into the fans, and some great stuff has finally come up. trading in your own name is Linus' pov, and a really great development of that character's back story. The author has an economy of tone that sets off the humour in the story well. The best love stories are those than are told without a surplus of emotion in the prose, that let the characters speak for themselves, and this is a fantastic example of such a story.

Title: Drive
Fandom: Ocean's Eleven
Author: Jess
Rating: I'd say PG-13
Pairing: Rusty/Linus
Summary: " Sometimes he just misses having someone else to change the radio stations and run into the convenience store for drinks. Most of all he just doesn't like being alone."

Everything I said about the last fic applies to this one. Beautiful writing, funny characters, great love story. This is Rusty's pov, and the characterization is amazing. The two stories, though written by different people, fit together so well. These are guys who live just a bit outside the normal bounds of society in a way that is both charming and elegant, and I want more of both of them.
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