pink for pterodactyl (significantowl) wrote in ooopretty,
pink for pterodactyl

Smallville/Spiderman xover, Standing in the Common Spaces

Standing in the Common Spaces
by seperis
Smallville/Spider-Man movieverse
slash: Peter/Lex, Lex/Clark inklings
Summary: It's instant, like the click of a camera, a moment out of time captured and preserved. Even if he doesn't know why until now.

This is long and *fantastic*. Peter is so well done, and seeing Lex and Clark through his eyes allows for excellent insights into both men. The parallels between Peter and Harry and Lex and Clark are explored beautifully, painfully, wonderfully.
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This is another crossover I really like, although I re-read it less often than others because it's got such sadness in it.
It really, really works, doesn't it? (But I know what you mean about the sadness, wah.)