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The O.C: In Loco

In Loco by Dira Sudis
The O.C., Seth/Ryan (NC-17 - kink)
"Seth is a junkie, and Seth is a hustler."

This piece just knocked me off my feet. It's AU (although judging by the way the series is going, who knows!?) and set in an indeterminate time, but in a universe in which things have gone very wrong for the boys. Seth and Ryan have become the worst possible version of themselves, but in the most perfect way. Seth is all open wounds and selfishness, but with an edge of desperate need that makes him not only forgivable, but perhaps ultimately redeemable. Ryan is hard and tough, but still wary and protective, taking care of Seth in a way that at first seems cruel, but as the story goes on it becomes clear that not only is it necessary, it's actually loving.

"Seth opens and closes his hands, fists clenching, fingers scrabbling, but it doesn't matter, he's held fast, by the rope Ryan tied and by Ryan himself, looking down at Seth impassively. Seth can't do anything to anyone now."
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