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REC: Rules of Being a Godson by Sam Vimes

For anyone else as traumatized as I was, I give you copperbadge's "Rules of Being a Godson"

Title: Rules of Being a Godson
Author: Sam Vimes or copperbadge
Fandom: Harry Potter (duh)
Pairing/Rating: James Potter/Teddy Lupin, PG-13
Summary: Teddy Lupin never gets too close or feels too much; his godfather's son never does anything else.
Why I'm Reccing This: I was shocked and devastated by Lupin's death in the book, which is not the least bit surprising for anyone who knows me, and then, on top of that, felt slapped in the face by the epilogue. Thank goodness for me copperbadge had already written this and I could read it as an antidote to JKR's saccharine, heteronorminative, and really kind of offensive interpretation of on how people move on after a war. I didn't want it to end "All was well" because for me it wasn't, and Sam's story shows beautifully all the ways it wasn't for the characters either. It's wonderfully written, as all of Sam's stuff is - and there are even illustrations.
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