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ooopretty's Journal

Ooo Pretty: Multifandom recs
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This is a multi-fandom fanfiction recs journal maintained by shayllla.

Recs made here will be of any rating, het, slash, and gen. All will be labelled clearly. Warnings for hotbutton issues like BDSM or Mpreg will always be included, as well as obvious information like rating and pairing.

Fandoms include Harry Potter, The West Wing, The Dark is Rising, and Smallville. This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the most likely suspects. Other possibilities include Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Queer as Folk, Buffy, Enterprise, X-files, Good Omens, Sports Night, Catwoman, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., Sentinel, Alias, and whatever else a member happens to be sniffing around.

To view recs organized by fandom, click on memories below. This will be updated every few weeks.

On occasion there may be a post about reccing itself--metareccing if you will. They will simply be questions that arise about the process of reccing, classifying and describing fanfic, and related topics. The primary purpose of this journal, however, is reccing, and these posts will not be many.

Feel free to monitor and comment. Thoughts are always welcome.

Not everything said in this journal will always be absolutely positive. Constructive criticism and open discussion are encouraged, and though every fic listed has impressed the reccer in some way, that does not preclude critical comments. No flames will be tolerated.